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After 7 years of dating, my younger brother Christopher asked the love of his life, Caroline, to marry him.  I couldn’t be happier or agree more with the beautiful woman he has chosen to spend his life with.  To celebrate this grand occasion, C+C came over to the house where we celebrated with home-made pizza and a bottle of wine.  Adam and I made the pie using crust from LaRosas and basil from our garden and Christopher brought the vino-a bottle he’d been saving for a special occasion from his trip to Italy over a year ago.  With much anticipation Caroline revealed a bottle of LeCasalte Montepulciano, a Tuscan Sangiovese carefully protected in a cloak of tissue and bubble wrap.  

The wine was from the Montepulciano sub region of Tuscany and poured a sophisticated shade of garnet .  Its nose, although faint at first, hinted of purple violets, cherry, plum and small berries; with alternative aromatic notes of spices, cocoa and coffee as it opened up. The sip following our toast carried Christopher, Caroline and myself right back to the cobblestone streets of Italy with its well-balanced tannins and super long finish.  This expensive tasting wine paired perfectly with our sausage, cheese and basil pizza and was a beautiful way to celebrate an old love with new beginnings.   Salute, Caroline and Christopher!

Additional tasting notes: Deep black garnet ruby with black reflections and garnet rim. The bouquet is vegetal, with greenish notes and pungent overtones that rise up into the nose, and a fair amount of sea salt as well, mingled with some balsam. On the palate it’s full and quite smooth, with ample plum fruit supported by moderate acidity, and by big smooth sweet tannins; it’s like looking into a hangar somehow. Because of its softness it will work best with drier meats. Pity about the nose, because it was more interesting on the palate. –Kyle Phillips Italian Wine Review

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