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When in Rome…                                                                                                                                                                                        

I have no idea what I did to be so blessed by God, probably nothing, which makes it even more amazing.  But it’s true; I am so, so, so incredibly blessed.  About a month ago, I put my dream of traveling to Italy out there for the Universe to materialize on my behalf.  I said to the Universe,  “I WANT TO GO TO ITALY!”  I was very specific. “ I want to live the way a true Italian would live; I want to eat what Italians eat; I want to navigate places that would never be mentioned in Zagat’s Best of Italy guidebooks and I want to stay on a vineyard.”

On Sunday, the Universe responded to me in the most ingenious way – through my husband and our closest friends.  These are people know my heart and apparently would go to great lengths to watch me run around like a chimpanzee on crack, shaking a bottle of champagne between my legs yelling “I can’t feel my hands anymore.” 

I’m guessing my husband, Adam, was sick and tired of hearing me bitch about how badly I needed a freakin’ vacation, that he conspired with some friends of ours (all from our church and organized by a chef who knows Italy the same way we know what our friends are doing at any given time, thanks to Facebook, twitter and blogs like this one) to surprise me with a guided tour of Rome and Tuscany.  

My entire trip has been paid for – plane tickets purchased, my passport retrieved and my itinerary set.

… and this is how it all went down: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=71144527100&ref=mf

The trip is part Christian crusade, wine tasting, food noshing, sightseeing, foreign language lesson and hands-on research for my book Corkstories. 

So, in less than three weeks, I am going to Italy because I have a husband who absolutely loves me, friends who would do anything to help me fulfill my dreams and a God who never ceases to amaze, mystify, bamboozle, bewilder and astound me with His crazy love. 

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